Welcome to my site, I have a little bit of everything that I enjoy.  I'm sure it will grow even more in the future.  I have focused on the things that bring enjoyment into my life.  I have the things that I create like my Art Work and my Web Design to the things I enjoy in Life like Football, My Collection  - and my Family.


Are You a Fan?
 Check out my Football Pages.  Full of info and a ton of links.    
  There's even more Football in My Collection and Art Work!

If you see something you like contact me , I am available to help you with your needs.  
Check out my Art Work and 
my Web Designs

My Web Skills specialize in data driven web sites and applications using Active Server Pages. If your needs include simple web sites or complex applications check out some of my work Here.   Enough about me, check out the rest of the Family and all they bring to my life.

For more information about anything on this site, our if you are interested in having some web work done contact me.

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